Frequent Questions

What if I forgot something on the vehicle?

If you forget something on the party bus just call us the next business day and if we have the item we will make arrangements for you to come and pick it up.

Do you supply alcohol?

We cannot legally supply alcohol because we do not have a liquor license in the state of AZ! However, you're welcome to bring as much as you'd like aboard.

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Questions about Scottsdale Party Bus

We charge by the hour. Any overages will be billed at the contracted time that we previous agreed to billed in 15 minute increments.

We would prefer if our vehicles were treated with respect. That said, we don't require our customers to clean the vehicle prior to leaving. We will cover all cleaning the day after service.

Yes. We do not allow smoking on our party buses because 1) it causes extraneous cleanup in which we're certain our guests don't want to pay for, and 2) it is against the law for us to do so.

What kind of company would we be if we said no? None. We wouldn't be in business. We prefer if guests don't bring large glass containers but there is no rule against it.

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