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Scottsdale Party Bus's Pricing Policy

Our pricing is based on quite a number of factors so it is hard to list the exact prices of our vehicles because they can be changed by a number of factors. The first factor that influences our pricing is the date that you need service. We have a peak season and an off season. Generally during peak season the vehicles are in higher demand so the prices are higher. During our off season the prices drop in order to offer the vehicles at a lower price for our customers.

The second factor that comes into play in regards to our pricing is the time of day that you need your vehicle. If you're in need of it in the evening the hourly price tends to be a bit more than if you need it during the morning or afternoon hours.

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Finally, the last factor that comes into play with pricing is the amount of hours you need service and for how many people you need to move. We can't quote a vehicle that moves 12 people when you need to move 30 people and there's no sense in quoting for a vehicle that one needs for 8 hours when you only need it for six. So when you call us today if you have that handy you'll be able to receive a quote immediately.

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