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Birthday Party Buses in Scottsdale

So you're celebrating a birthday? Well, happy birthday from all of us here at Scottsdale Party Bus! Whether you're turning 5, 16, 18, 21, 30, 60, or any other age, a party bus is a great way to celebrate your day. Here at Scottsdale Party Bus, we have the most amazing buses available, along with the best service, so you're sure to have a fun, unforgettable celebration! Best of all, it's completely affordable!

Kid's parties

Parents, are you planning a spectacular birthday party for your little one? You may not immediately think of renting a party bus for child's party, but it's actually a perfect addition to the celebration! We can decorate the bus exterior to say "Happy Birthday," and you're more than welcome to decorate the inside with balloons and stock the cooler with juice boxes. Put your child's favorite move into the DVD player, and you have a party on wheels that will take your party to the movies, park, restaurant, museum, or wherever you have the day planned! It will be a birthday your child will never forget.

Teen parties

A party bus is a great addition to any teen party, be it a 13th birthday, a Quinceanera, a Sweet 16, or an 18th birthday. Parents, we know that you want your child to be safe, whether they be traveling with friends or family. And just like with our prom rentals, you, the parent are our contact holder and have control over the itinerary so you'll know exactly where the kids are going all night. A party bus from Scottsdale Party Bus is a real superstar way to celebrate a birthday.

21 and up parties

21st birthdays opt for party buses more than any other age. And for good reason! A 21st birthday party is probably going to involve a lot of drinking, so you know you need have safe, reliable transportation for the evening, and that's where a party bus comes in! You can hit up all the bars in and around Scottsdale and know that you have a safe ride home with Scottsdale Party Bus. Plus, our buses all have large coolers so you can chill drinks on the bus and never stop the party, even in between destinations! Have fun, and be responsible with a great party bus for your birthday!

birthday party

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